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Big Boss Telugu Season 2 Double Elimination Announced in Episode 84 on September 1st

Surprise Double Elimination Announced by Nani in Episode 84 on September 1st

Big Boss Telugu Season 2 Double Elimination Announced in Episode 84
Big Boss Telugu Season 2: Double Elimination Announced

These days Nani is creating shocking surprises in every episode of Bigg Boss Season 2. On Saturday Nani announced double elimination and the first elimination is Ganesh which was expected by all the viewers. Second elimination will be on Sunday one from Samrat Reddy, Kaushal, Nutan Naidu and Amit who are in safe zone.
Nani Starting the episode with an interesting task of asking everyone from the housemate to select any one to named in Bigg Boss Protector and also should give the reason for choosing them.
Meanwhile, Nani also gave the opportunity to homemade without pointing out their mistakes as the regular episode. He said to write allegations on others and other will get the chance to clarify those allegations. Housemate did the same and other started given explanations between Nani asked his doubts. 
In Bigg Boss Protector Selection Geeta choose Shymala, Ganesh choose Deepthi, Khusal choose Nutan, Shymala choose Geeta, Deepthi chooses Nutan, Rida chooses Amit, Tanish chooses Samrat, Amit chooses Rida and Samrat Choose Tanish.

Nani announced Khusal is in the safe zone and asked Ganesh to come out of the Bigg Boss House.