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Facebook Watch Upload Videos and Earn Huge Money

Don't worry about this question, Facebook watch sign up, How to use Facebook Watch, Am I Eligible for Facebook Watch 

Facebook launches its video services worldwide after its launch in the US to test the performance of its new service, Every few publishers are given a chance.

Facebook supporting video creators and publishers to make huge money from Creator studio with their unique content videos on facebook with ad breaks. Who meet eligibility criteria can earn money from their videos.

Eligibility Criteria 

1. Make at least 3 min video
2. 30,000 views in past 2 month
3. 10,000 Facebook Followers

Is facebook watch free? and how to access facebook watch, of course, it is free and easy to access before that you have to
 Check whether your Facebook page is eligible to are not get a start here

Facebook watch sign up, How to use Facebook Watch, Am I Eligible for Facebook Watch

How Mach Revenue You Generate from Facebook Sponsered Videos

Revenue depends on different factors like
1. The number of the ads user watched in his single viewing 
2. Amount of time a user spends on your video
3.  Number of views ad received

In total revenue, Facebook takes 45% of revenue and the remaining 55% money is added to the video creator's account. The monetization targets mainly mobile Facebook user with a count of 3/4 of total video view with this facebook wins over youtube.

The Facebook video action has a tremendous power to connect people, initiate conversations, and motivate the community," Danker wrote. "On Facebook, discovering videos is usually through you. and bring the community closer together. As more and more people enjoy this experience, we've learned that people love to accidentally discover videos that appear on the News Feed, but they also want a place to watch videos.