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Senior Party Leader Janarreddy Said The KCR-TRS Government

Senior party leader Janarreddy said the KCR-TRS government has not implemented any guarantee given in the 2014 Assembly elections. [Reservation for Muslims] and Muslims, Rs 50,000 crore in five years for Dalits, no mammoth land, irrigation water in every constituency, no guarantees have been fulfilled. Demanding the KCR to find out what was required to go to the earlier elections. Can you implement the guarantees given in the past 10 years? Janarreddy questioned.

Senior party leader Janarreddi said the kcr-trs government

The government, which says that 2.82 lakh double bedroom houses have been allocated to them, has only completed 14,000 homes. Only about 2,000 homes are allocated, and the rest of the houses will fall down? Janarreddy questioned. If 2 lakh houses are not completed, KCR has announced in the assembly that votes will not be made in the next election and will he commit to morality? Or not?

After an emergency meeting today in his residence in Hyderabad, Congress leaders spoke with Shabeer Ali, Komati Reddy Venkat Reddy, Deek Aruna, Janarreddy Media. The Congress party has done many sacrifices for Telangana, he said. TRS leaders have been advised to stop criticizing the Congress party. TRS is acting as a buffoon party. KCR, who is offering free compulsory education from KG to PG, has criticized the grievances of the government. The government's head of state has been criticized for throwing the legs off.

That's what he is leaving. Janarreddy said that the Congress party came back to create a golden Telangana.