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Few Common Weird Combination Foods Slowly Effect Your Body

In day to day life, we use the various combination of toxic food which affects our body organism. let check few foods combining egg with fish, beans with meat, egg with yogurt, cheese with tomato, meat with cheese. Modern study Physiologists, Ayurveda, hygienists said these combinations make you lethargic and bloated.

Some people Love simply dishes others love pungent flowers and enjoy unusual weird combination food. This food tastes good but effects the body slowly which effects fatigue, stomach ache, digestion problem, and nausea.

Few Weird Common Combination Foods Slowly Effect Your Body - Combination Food Chart

This foods never want us to leave with there taste. symptoms are not seen quickly you feel better and active but internally start its work slowly making you weak, sleepy, lack of strength. We never believe others saying to avoid the combination of food that causes food poisoning.  

Now that you are aware few common weird combination foods slowly Effect your body. Avoid them to lead healthy and toxic free life.

If you know other effected food combination please let us know by commenting in below comment box.