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Why You Are Not Losing Weight After Pregnancy [Reason]

To answer the above question: Your dieting and doing exercises still not losing your weight after pregnancy. It doesn't look great when we start asking ourselves I am doing all those exercises nothing is happening also your confidence is going down. If you're wondering why you're not losing weight. I could be because you're doing something wrong.

Before starting any sort of exercises you need to do your tummy check called Diastasis Recti

What Is Diastasis Recti? What Is Causing It?

While pregnant you are growing a baby inside your belly and there is a lot of internal abdomen pressure inside the tummy. The internal pressure causing the abdomen muscles to separate because the muscle can't hold the pressure anymore and it just separating and leave the gap which allows the belly to pooch out.

Once you have a gap in your belly you can't do abdominal crunches, abs exercises because it can make you worse.

Why You Are Not Losing Weight After Pregnancy [Reason]
Why You Are Not Losing Weight After Pregnancy

In this situation, you have to take a simple exercise to strengthen your pelvic floor to strengthen your abdominal muscles. Once your gap is smaller than you can continue with other exercises. 

How Do You Check Split Abdominal?

To check you Split abdominal, Here is the easy exercise where you can do to check if abdominal is split. Once you have checked it, later on, you can determine what should of exercise you can start with.

Very first we start with bend your knee and lift your head slightly not so high your back should straight then take your hand and check belly button twist your hand around just try to see finger actually goes inside.

If your finger goes little bit 2 to 3 inches inside than your abdominal is split but if fingers are not going in inside than its OK.

Normally in all the women the separation is one or two fingers and after few days the muscles close naturally within  2 to 3 months but if it more than two, three fingers then you need to do exercise to close the abdominal split.

There are so many exercises to close your split abdomen, check with your trainer and practice.
I understand you get enough information and reason why you're not losing weight after pregnancy.
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