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Free HubSpot CRM | Pros And Cons Review

Free HubSpot CRM One of the standard issues with sales is that the abundance of disparate information. Hubspot CRM reviews and free CRM limitations.

Free HubSpot CRM

Free Hubspot CRM | Prons And Cons Review

Free Hubspot CRM Campaign feedback, client conversations, lead profiles, performance indicators of sales reps and different necessary client information reside in numerous databases and devices.

While not correct visibility on such information you’re missing out on potential opportunities and glossing over weak points and bottlenecks in your sales method. Econsultancy detected that solely zero.5% of knowledge obtainable is employed, that is gloomy considering the potential of insights for revenues it may offer.

Historical sales information especially are often leveraged to enhance the shut rate in every one of your sales stages of Free Hubspot CRM. Hubspot CRM is free which captures all essential information nursing organized approach, that helps in nurturing leads and ultimately up against your conversion rate use Free HubSpot CRM.

 In general, it consolidates sales and selling information to assist you to see a clearer image of your vital metrics.

What creates HubSpot CRM completely different or 2 things

It’s free and it’s straightforward. In our breakdown of Free HubSpot CRM options, you’ll establish however the tools will improve your sales team’s productivity and potency despite being offered at no value.

This tool will really facilitate your business grow. whereas HubSpot isn't the sole Free HubSpot CRM package for gratis that you just will establish there, it’s out and away the most effective one,

Therefore we have a tendency to advocate you begin your journey there with tools then compare it to different alternatives.


As for simplicity, HubSpot CRM is that the quite tool that you just will perceive got wind of and begin victimization in a very matter of minutes. The UI is clean and designed around a sales rep’s typical daily busywork, associating them with deals.

Plotting them on a sales pipeline, calculative their value except that, now, this machine-driven with rules. Unlike advanced CRM like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, that are technology-driven And therefore why a CRM is often problematic with impatient sales.

Free HubSpot CRM is problem solution headed, addressing the common pain points of sales reps and groups. Which additionally means that it's one in all the simplest and best CRM package suppliers to urge started.

The app is really a rare gem within the landscape it's an entire CRM that matches, if not outperforms, several paid solutions.

In fact, be at liberty to require a better check out the app’s key functionalities currently because it can provide you with a good 1st hand impression of the options we’ll be discussing below. That being aforesaid, there’s one factor you must grasp.

If you’re mistreatment HubSpot promoting, the contacts you increase the free CRM will move into the promoting tool. HubSpot promoting offers one hundred contacts at no cost.

Then again you’re charged with $100 per month for each. thus if you add, as an example, 1,100 contacts to the CRM, you’ll be charged $100 monthly. Do you want HubSpot Marketing? affirmative, if you would like to accelerate incoming lead cycle and change abundantly of your promoting method.

 It will drive sales with qualified results in your CRM, Thus you will able to jumpstart your sales cycle. You can review and scan HubSpot promotions But you’re additionally sensible to travel with HubSpot CRM alone on condition that you have already got substantial leads within the pipeline and you'll be able to take into account moving to HubSpot promoting later down the road.

Pros Of Hubspot

OK, this goes while not language, however, I’ll say it anyway. Free is nice, however free also can be rewarding. My philosophy is that if you’re not paying for the merchandise, then you're the merchandise.

So what's HubSpot’s game set up with a free CRM? Well, I feel their area unit many upsells they need. One is that the Sales professional Tool, that adds tons useful at a price of $50 per month, per user. Once you issue that in, the value of HubSpot CRM is tons quite similar tiny business CRM merchandise.

I feel the Sales professional tools area unit pretty nice. I use them, however just for the sales United Nations are literally progressing to use those options and not everybody who has access to my CRM. Second, it’s a giant lead generator for his or her bread and butter.

HubSpot selling. So, currently rather than simply having one product, they need a CRM, a Sales tool, and a selling tool, it’s the little business trifecta! I'll say I'm happy they allow you to use HubSpot CRM and don’t oversell you or push you into their alternative merchandise (at least in my experience).

A deal chase

Another essential piece of a CRM is to trace all of your opportunities and deals. HubSpot gets a giant check on this.

As I discussed higher than you'll add custom properties to trace all of your distinctive parts of your deals. However additional significantly, you'll assemble your own custom deal stages to mirror your sales method.

If you've got quite one sales method, maybe totally different processes per complete or service, you'll create multiple pipelines, every with its own deal stages. You can additionally associate deals with multiple contacts and any notes or activity at the contact record can consolidate underneath the deal.

Custom Properties

It would be terribly straightforward for them to allow you a free product and say, “here it's, no customization unless you pay additional.” That’s not the case with HubSpot CRM.

You can extend the properties of Contacts, Customers, and Deals terribly simply to incorporate all knowledge and information parts you wish to craft HubSpot CRM to your business method.

Filters and Views

HubSpot CRM additionally makes it straightforward to slice and dice your knowledge. On any Contact, Company, or Deal record there's a sturdy filter feature wherever you'll set up and save views to visualize the necessary things for your method.

Need to grasp all the contacts World Health Organization have this practice property? a bit of cake. Need to visualize everybody World Health Organization you haven’t contacted within the past month World Health Organization purchased this from you within the past? assemble a filter.

You can just about build a read on any combination of field logic you wish then save that for your own personal use or save to your entire team as a part of your sales method.

Task Management

For me, as a little sales team, having a good task management feature within the CRM is needed. that forestalls American state from dropping the ball on necessary customer/lead activities and not forgetting to follow up once I ought to.

HubSpot CRM fits the bill. It makes setup tasks and associates them with Contacts and enhancements created. It provides you the flexibility to mechanically set up follow-up task to create certain you don’t forget.

Really the ability to assign tasks to alternative reps within the system and apprehend they get notifications “to-do” in their list rather than emailing a rep.  Another recent improvement is that the conception of Task Queues.

Sales professional Tools

Not very a part of HubSpot CRM, However, the Sales professional tools are tightly integrated and it's their methodology to urge you as a paying client, that I’m progressing to mention it here, and mention it as a positive of HubSpot CRM.

It’s $50 per month per user, thus I don’t need to dismiss that as a trivial value, that's $600 a year. Unlimited email notification chase. Yes, I’m one among of those annoying people who track every email. I have saved templates out the wazoo.

Once I head to send associate degree email either from G Suite or inside HubSpot CRM. I like the sequences, I don’t use them the maximum amount as I ought to and that I decide to use them additionally. however, it's a very nice feature.

Their calendar booking tool, Meetings, is far improved. I in person love Calendly and once I 1st took a glance at conferences, it merely was no Calendly. I took a peek recently and conferences are really excellent currently.

E-mail Integration

It wasn’t till recent years once bi-directional email integration became a feature of CRMs.  I really saw the adoption of the CRM begin to boost. HubSpot CRM currently has that feature.

 They forever provided a bcc email choice so you'll log emails into the CRM as you send them.  They even have a bcc forward choice thus you'll forward emails. However currently if you're victimization G Suite or workplace 365 not solely are you able to log email to the CRM as you send it.

However, once the client responds, it'll capture it and store that within the CRM still.  Sounds a bit huge brother-ish, however, it’s pretty customary recently in trendy CRM and email automation tools. simply settle for, privacy is out the door.

Cons Of Hubspot

Security Level

Security in HubSpot CRM has improved greatly since the first beta days. You currently have the power to limit a sales rep to solely read their own accounts and you'll be able to manage what users have access to export information.

However, security is one in all the weak areas of HubSpot CRM is free. It doesn’t have an effect on my usage. we have a tendency to measure a smaller team then changed to an organization.

e have a tendency to open our CRM up to quite sales and have support, marketing, accounting, and services groups access it. However, if we have a tendency to weren't a clear company we have a tendency to couldn't try this with HubSpot CRM is free.


It is one of the issues which I am facing, Zepier Integration biggest pro but it is more needed. The ability to include timeline is a difficult problem with API. Here you can send bcc emails to add something in the timeline.  You can update custom properties with API. It should have more automation capabilities.

Built-In Automation

If we have a tendency to make strong API as mentioned, Which have a tendency to hack some automation. However because it stands, the major feature lacking in Free HubSpot CRM.

CRMs like Active Campaign or the product like Drip (with CRM-lite options) have very strong sales and promoting automation features. HubSpot CRM is free doesn't. Zapier will assist you to build some automation.


I have simply started noticing that a lot of third-party integrations to HubSpot, solely integrate with HubSpot promoting. As of Gregorian calendar month 2017, HubSpot free of their API and The third party integrations causation out emails that feature the bequest API were reaching to be depreciated and that we required to update.

In one case,  after I tried to HubSpot CRM, I got a slip-up no permissions. For paid users have those options. Weighing all the execs and cons, for me, Free HubSpot CRM could be a huge winner. I didn’t ought to modification my method to use HubSpot CRM, it adopted and work into my method.

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