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How can staying healthy prevent diseases?

How can staying healthy prevent diseases?

It is absolutely true for staying healthy prevent diseases free. Maintain good nutrient and health food daily which reduce and prevent health problems. Follow this tips to be a healthy and happy life.

staying healthy prevent diseases
staying healthy prevent diseases

What keeps us healthy?

There are so many things which make us health: A good sleep, Daily Exercise, Taking fresh air, Take healthy food and finally good friends. Eating too much food, or eating less will not be considered as eating healthy food

Our food is composed of three components: fats, carbohydrates, and proteins. We also need vitamins and mineral, such as salt or calcium, to stay healthy. We need to brush our teeth often and keep ourselves clean to keep away the bacteria and remain healthy.

Why are vitamins necessary in diet?

Vitamins assist the body in utilizing the nutrients. They are not suppliers of energy like fats or carbohydrates but help the body in absorbing minerals such as calcium, magnesium, or sodium contained in salt and transporting them to the required places.

What happens when we eat too much?

If we eat more than what we really need, our body converts the excess food into fat and we become bulky and heavy. The joints also called skeleton are not designed to carry the heavy continuous load. Hence, at some age or time joints and back state to ache. Any fast movement becomes tiring and strenuous for the circulatory system and the heart. Fat people are often the butt of people's jokes.

Why must we brush our teeth every day?

After we eat food, very small particles of food will get stuck between the teeth, which result in bacteria and bad breath also create teeth problem like a cavity, caries at first, these are only holes in the enamel of the teeth, but as they become deeper they can be very painful.

The writings of a Greek doctor Hippocrates are proof that the connection between hygiene and disease was known 3000 years ago. So, even the ancient Greeks brushed their teeth!

How can we protect ourselves against bacteria?

We do not need to protect ourselves against all bacteria. Some live inside our body and are even very important to us, such as the intestinal bacteria.
We fall sick only if there are too many bacteria unknown to the body comes from outside. Unfortunately, they are not always effective because many bacteria have already become 'resistant' to them.
The best way to stay healthy is to strengthen our own immune system. A diet rich in vitamins, i.e., fruits and vegetables and exercise in fresh air helps in keeping us fit.

Is playing sports healthy?

Playing a sport is healthy because it trains the muscles, improves blood circulation, and increases the supply of oxygen to the body cells.
The brain improves concentration after it gets a good amount of oxygen and excites nerve paths in the brain.
Sometimes professionally played sports may cause excessive strain on the body, but leisure sports that are fun can strengthen our immune system and are necessary for our wellbeing.