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Valentine's Week List 2019: Rose Day, Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Valentine's Day and More

Valentine's Week List 2019: Rose Day, Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Valentine's Day and More

Saint Valentine's Day called as Valentine's Day, All Christians celebrate Feb 14 as a Saint Valentine's Day. Now, this celebration is going all the week called Valentine's Week.

Here are some names.

First day of Valentine's week: Rose day seventh Feb 2019

Valentine’s Day list 2019
Rose Day-Valentine’s Day list 2019

Second evening of valentines week: Propose day eighth Feb 2019

Valentine’s Day list 2019
Propose day - Valentine’s Day list 2019

Third evening of Valentine's week: Chocolate day ninth Feb 2019

Valentine’s Day list 2019
Chocolate day

Fourth evening of Valentine's week: Teddy day 10th Feb 2019

Teddyday-Valentine’s Day list 2019

Day of Valentine’s week: Promise day 11th Feb 2019

Sixth evening of Valentine’s week: Hug day twelfth Feb 2019

Valentine’s Day list 2019
Hug Day

Seventh evening of Valentine’s week: Kiss day thirteenth Feb 2019.

Valentine’s Day list 2019
Kiss Day

The final day of Valentine's week: Naked day fourteenth Feb 2019. 

The increased day is the first day of the week that was valentines.

Providing roses celebrate the rose day to one another. Rose to their family members. This day is meant among buddies too. The only difference lies here's with the color of the rose. The couples celebrate the day by suggesting their family members.

They organize a surrounding and stand on their knees and suggests their family members. There's no predefined way to propose your cherished one. There's nothing more essential than a heart? Stand on your knees, hold the hand of your loved one tells that what you feel for them to everything. Let them know exactly what you really feel about them.

If you need some ideas to propose them are a number of the ways: buy a card that is gorgeous, which has something which matches your own emotions. Get some flowers, some red ones will be an excellent choice.

Search for a place where you can get some privacy, open space will be good. Getting a proposal in the audience, in front of everybody, isn't everybody's desire.

But if your guy or woman ever shared this type of desire with you, or if you're pretty sure that suggesting in front of everybody will make your girl or guy happy then go ahead. 

Call you're cherished an in your chosen place as if it’s an emergency or some other work. Whenever your cherished one will arrive, play gorgeous romantic music. Then straightaway go in front of them. Gently hold their hand. Look in their eyes. Kneel down. Then that is the moment.

Slowly, softly, sweetly tell them everything which you feel about them. Tell them when all of it started. Tell them why you love them. Tell them what their best part. Tell them all of that you love about them. Then say I Love You.

Propose day is celebrated on eighth Feb and in 2019 it's falling on Friday. The Chocolate day is the 3rd day of Valentine's week. On Chocolate day people provide chocolates to their family members.